Meet the Staff

It is our privilege to care for you. Let me introduce our family.

“As I walk through the Home and see the Residents I can’t help but think about their life experiences and the stories they can tell. I’m always amazed by the interesting articles that have been written about some of our Residents lives. We have living history books within earshot and often don’t take the time to listen to them; after all there is probably 16,000 years of experiences living within the walls of this Home!” — Carson Ritchie, President/CEO

“It takes special people and a special level of caring to keep facilities, like the Church of God Home, operational.” — Susan Bower, Nursing Home Administrator

“At the Church of God Home, we strive to protect the human factor in long-term care. I want our residents to know that from the beginning to the end of life, they matter. We want our residents to know they are appreciated.” — Ginny Naugle, Director of Admissions

“One of my fondest memories of the Church of God Home is of a surprise party that was held for me. I was put in a throne chair, wore a cape and tiara, and given a scepter! We have fun here; it isn’t a job to me. I’m fortunate to work with people, both residents and staff, who want to make a difference. I’m inspired by my residents.” — Alex Hensel, Residential Housing Administrator